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Blog Stew #10

November 17, 2010

With family starting to come visit, brunch may be on your horizon.  One of the best things to feature at brunch is poached eggs, but they can be a difficult thing to master.  Delicious Noise gives you step-by-step pointers.

Very little can hit the spot like French onion soup.  It’a hardy, tangy, and fills you with a warm feeling in the colder months coming your way.  Leek Soup walks you through a delicious recipe with great photos.

If you think pizza is inappropriate for a holiday meal, consider this: holiday pizza. Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice explains how this phenomenon came to pass.

Still struggling with what libations to serve to your Thanksgiving guests next week?  Let Martha Stewart help you out with this superb pear and rosemary combination.

Even something as inspiring as food creates global issues.  Read the Daily Dish‘s review of “Food Justice” to see if finding out how you can make a difference is a cause you want to pursue.


Blog Stew #9

November 11, 2010

If you live in Texas and love burgers so much that you want to tell everyone driving behind you how much you love them, visit Eater to find out about cheeseburger vanity plates.

Thanksgiving can be a daunting time for people who can’t have gluten. Thanks to Tasty Eats at Home they can find a multitude of delicious recipes that cater to their diets.

Eatocracy gives a charming and appetite-inducing look into Southern food tradition. Most notably the use of mason jars for pickling.

Red, white or rosé? The proper wine for heavy meals this November is debatable but Dining & Wine has some good suggestions.

When they were first invented, microwaves were used for everything. Now they are normally reserved for defrosting or reheating leftovers.  Real Simple gives you 14 ways to use your microwave that you may not have known about before.

Blog Stew #8

November 4, 2010

Pomegranates are in season!  Many people are intimidated by the fruit itself and buy the pre-squeezed juice which can be very pricey. Learn how to properly treat one from Squash Blossom Babies.

Tired of just using your grill for burgers and hot dogs? Well even if you are not, Woman’s Day has 5 uncommon recipes from sweet to savory that you can make with your grill.

Where are you on the foodie scale? Do you like Häagen-Dazs? Or do you need to create your own flavor in your own ice cream machine with vanilla beans flown in specially from Madagascar? Go through a brief history of the foodie revolution with T Mag.

Ever wonder where marshmallows come from? Hint: Not from a marsh.  ‘An Adventure in Cooking’ shows you how to make your own at home.

Brussel sprouts tend to get a worse rap than broccoli. Give them a chance! They can be some of the best greens you will ever eat. A blogger found this out on her own and explains the revelation on ‘Perky to a Fault’.

Blog Stew #7

October 27, 2010

Caffeine and alcohol. It can make for a good night, but it is increasingly apparent that drinks like Four Loko and Sparks can be extremely dangerous.

Thanksgiving has become all about comestible excess, so if you like apple pie, pumpkin pie and cake this “Pumpple Cake” might make you pass out with excitement…or a sugar crash.

It is October, why have you not roasted some pumpkin seeds yet? Serious Eats takes you through some new recipes as well as guiding you through the process if you have never roasted them before.

Women LOVE wine.  But if you buy them something girlie, they do not love it so much. Bevnetwork explores why female wine drinkers don’t like being pandered to.

Despite a surge in marketing to make baby carrots the new snack food favorites of children “scarrots” will not overtake the sales of traditional candy says Eatocracy.

Blog Stew #6

October 21, 2010

Delicious and fun ideas for cocktails at your Halloween bash. I like the Jack-O-Lantern. Brought to you by RJ Pooch.

If your appetite is stimulated visually, this is the blog for you. Just pictures of food, and nothing looks amateur. Photograzing is a a giant tease.

Burgers are the American sandwich. This couple tries as many as possible and reports back to their followers about each one. They try everything from fast food to diners. Look them up at EatinBurgers.

We might be in Halloween mode right now, but it would be wise to start planning for Thanksgiving.  If you are taking a trip to Disney World, consider these fine Disney establishments listed by The Disney Food Blog.

Did you like Halloween candy as a kid? Would you have taken it from a sex offender? In Florida, sex offenders are no longer allowed to pass out treats to kids.  Let’s hope they don’t resort to tricks instead.

Blog Stew #5

October 14, 2010

Going camping? Or have extra oranges? Use Quietly Rolling Thunder‘s recipe for cake in an orange.

The eggplant is unique for many reasons, not just its intense coloration. But many people struggle to find a use for it beyond parmigianas.  The Washington Post has suggestions.

Don’t understand wine as well as you would like to? Go on a journey with Donna Huntley and Eatocracy to learn as much about wine as possible.

Are you a fan of boobs? If so, check out these recipes that can help prevent breast cancer from iVillage Food. Make some for a friend or special lady in your life. blows apart the theory that dietary fiber is a necessary part of a human diet. In fact, it can be pretty detrimental.

Blog Stew #4

October 7, 2010

Alton Brown comes out against the gluttonous food shows appearing on other television networks like Man Vs. Food in Esquire’s Eat Like a Man.

The Luther burger has become the ultimate symbol of American glut. Find out how to make it and a little about its history on

Television show iCarly has created a new children’s food phenomenon: the Spaghetti Taco.

Like ham? If not, this Spanish Jabugo ham will change your mind and you have most likely never had it because this will be the first time it is ever imported to the states.

The most admired restaurant guide, Michelin, has just unveiled its 2011 edition for New York.