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Blog Stew #3

September 28, 2010

Two words – FREE BEER. Beer, TX, says that USA Today is reporting that Budweiser will start giving away free beer for people’s birthdays to attract a younger crowd.

‘Tis the season to plant your seasons. Fall is the best time to plant your herbs so that they will be lively enough for the rest of the year says The Lazy Gardener.

Baby carrots are trying to make a comeback. Rick Nichols explains their strategies on’s Food page.

Understanding the convection oven. It will lead to a better relationship between you and your appliance and better results when using it.

Georgia man gets fined for having too many organic vegetables on his property. Sustainable Food explains how an innocent man just trying to grow local produce can be restricted by unnecessary laws.


Blog Stew #2

September 19, 2010

Two things that are hard to believe, but amazing to think about: BUTTER flavored ice cream and making ice cream in a BLENDER. Prepare to have your mind – and taste buds – blown away.

Can you eat on $31 a week? The Stew asks this question as part of an awareness project in Illinois where people on food stamps must get by on $4.50 a day.

An easily understood, well articulated, pros and cons list for eating more vegetables (PETA ethics not included) in a blog by Man of the House.

BABY CARROTS! A new ad campaign tries to turn the image of baby carrots from health food to snack food with extreme video clips. Read and watch it on Julie’s Health Club.

Coffee City is a blog that follows coffee trends nationally, but more specifically from Seattle – the birth place of corporate coffee. Starbucks is trying to implement new ordering systems via email and mobile device.

Blog Stew #1

September 12, 2010

What would happen to the restaurant business if illegal immigrants were all repatriated? Nothing good.  Numbers show that 20% of the nations cooks are illegally in this country. Diner’s Guide: “What If Restaurants Stopped Hiring Illegal Immigrants?”

For a complete list of new food products that will be available this month, check out “New Food Rollout”.  It might help you navigate what to buy and what to stay away from in your supermarket this month.

Don’t forget to have a picnic before the weather starts getting too cold! “Bon Vivant” describes what picnics are in their essence and makes you feel dumb for sitting inside at your computer.

“Serious Eats” reviews the top five kitchen gadgets of the past year.  Some could really save some hassle in the kitchen, others are just fun to look at.

Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular because of their high quality fare and no hassle service.  Admittedly, they work better in highly populous areas, but Los Angeles is starting to have a clash between owners of food trucks and owners of restaurants. Read about it in, “Food Trucks, an L.A. Staple Worth Saving” Personally, I would love to have a local food truck.

Raison d’être

September 8, 2010

I like the wood background because it looks like a cutting board.


First post

September 3, 2010

Get ready for Beats & Carrots!